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Visit the country with the longest coastline in Africa.



Somalia, which is located on the horn of Africa, serves as a bridge between the Arab and African continents while retaining its own distinct culture. After being cut off for almost 20 years because of the extreme volatility in the area, we can now transport small groups to numerous locations throughout Somalia. Somalia not only offers a distinctive experience, but also distinctive risks. For more information on how we ensure that your vacation is memorable for all the right reasons, get in touch with us.

Who We Are

The department of tourism is a government entity under the ministry of Information, Culture and tourism for the federal government of Somalia.

The department is in charge of promoting and facilitating tourist activities within Somalia. We enable an environment where people can visit and enjoy the diversity of Somalia. Of late Somalia has prioritised the advancement in winning the confidence of tourist to come and explore the ancient history and vast experience.

Our Vission

Establishing leading and maintainable inland and coastal tourism destinations.

Our Mission

Propel the tourism sector as a key engine of economic growth and enhance the visibility of somalia as a top class tourist destination in traditional, emerging and new markets.

Before the central government of somalia collapsed in 1990s, somalia had a sizable tourism industry. A good number of wide-ranging tourism locations had been developed ranging from inland location, beaches and wildlife. That tourism industry is no longer the same as they had been affected by the civil war that raged in somalia for the last nearly 30 years. However, at the moment there are plenty of tourism opportunities in the country’s economic growth spheres to ensure the creation of a quality tourism environment it is necessary to set up tourism policy in the country. The formerly known tourism locations can be easily revived and the tourism department has already begun work with the help of the federal government of somalia in particular the ministry of information, culture and tourism. A news tourism policy has been developed by the ministry and will present it to the cabinet of the federal government of somalia for approval. This policy specifies the overall regulation, management and revival of the tourism industry consulting with all the stakeholders including the private sector.

The vision of the national tourism policy is “somalia hosts international tourists in the year 2030” which means the country has to reach a level of recognition for tourism in Africa. The tourism sector is based on a long vision, starting from the development and revival of the tourism sector in the country by the year 2030. To realize the long-term vision of the tourism sector is essential to reform and re-brand the country’s tourism sector. The department of tourism plans to consult with all stakeholders to jointly establish tourist destinations which can attract international tourists in accordance with the national development plan (ndp), which identifies the need for somalia’s economic growth, improving employment condition, fighting poverty and income generation with equality of the regions in the country and generally the improving the economy of the country. The ministry of information culture and tourism recognized the significant impact of the policy on socio-economic development and the community and plans to develop somalia tourism to an international level.